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Heya ... @AshleyBalstad from twitter land... I kept reading your content... Might you be interested in something like this

https://forumvc.hire.trakstar.com/jobs/fk0xqar/ -or- this

https://forumvc.hire.trakstar.com/jobs/fk0x3j2/ <-- I'd through my name into the hat to be your Chief of Staff on projects similar to this!

I'm in a similar boat, however my career isn't quite as advanced as your yours (yet!) ... I've grown into an operations and product leader over the past decade, and want to make my in AI/ML and edge computing... Ultimately, I want end up in Quantum!

You can read a little about me here:


I may have some introductions I can make for you.

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Thank you, Ashley! Great recs and I'm wishing you the very best on your search for what's next. Be sure to put it out on OwnTrail.com as well in case someone in that community can help you connect to your next career milestone.

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