What is Moonshots with Lizelle?

Moonshots with Lizelle van Vuuren is a newsletter where I, Lizelle, will be sharing insights, stories, interviews, experiences, and predictions about entrepreneurship, startups, go-to-market strategies, leadership, mindset, and some sprinkles of philosophies and frameworks to help others learn from my experiences and mistakes. I might also sprinkle in an inspiring story or two of my life.

Who is Lizelle?

Hey - I’m Lizelle van Vuuren. South African born and raised and living and building in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been working in tech my entire adult life - I started as a graphic design intern while in college and somehow found my way to building companies, launching brands and communities and having a deep passion for humanizing technology, and finding opportunities to sponsor underrepresented entrepreneurs, builders, creators, and makers into opportunity.

I am also an avid activist and advocate for women’s rights, equal rights, human rights, and LGBTQ+ rights and will stand up to intolerance any day of the week.

Most recently (late 2022) I became an Advisor to OwnTrail and stepped in as a Chief Growth Officer for a few months to help the founders write their playbook on brand, GTM, positioning, and community, and really focused on the product and product-led growth.

In 2022 I was a Founder in Residence at Wefunder where I helped launch their Community Round brand and initiative. (2022)

I’m the co-founder of Undock, an entirely new calendar protocol that is going to change how people schedule, host, and document their meetings, and ultimately become a ledger for time spent. Undock is on a mission to help everyone make time for what matters most. (2020-2021)

I founded Women Who Startup (WWS) in 2012 - officially 2013 when I realized that the rooms I were in hardly had any women in the room. So, I set out to change that alongside building my own companies. WWS has grown globally into reaching thousands of people who crave community around learning the fundamentals about the early stages of starting up and entrepreneurship. (2012-present)

For my entire work history please visit my website or my Linkedin profile page.

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This newsletter is an active take on startups, entrepreneurship, interviews, and frameworks that may lend itself helpful in your journey. A ledger of a rebellious entrepreneur. In Moonshots I explore the good nature of entrepreneurship, the tenacity to never give up, mindfulness, time, wellness, philosophy, marketing, and how to live up to your beliefs but also change your mind.

Feel free to reach out and say hello: @heylizelle

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Entrepreneurship and the tenacity to never give up.


Entrepreneur, marketer. Co-founder, Undock. Founder, Women Who Startup. Writing about the entrepreneur's journey, frameworks, and stories that inspire action.