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It's a brave new world with the speed at which AI is accelerating everything
What would an innovative venture studio look like today?

February 2023

In 2023 we have sloped back to alarming rates of venture funding for women founded companies

January 2023

a podcast by Lizelle van Vuuren

November 2022

I spoke with a friend about parts of my entrepreneurial journey (so far)

September 2022

Own your journey, say hello to OwnTrail

June 2022

If only I could put this on my résumé

April 2022

Every community-led startup is going to launch a community round

February 2022

Welcome to all my new readers of another issue of Moonshots with Lizelle. All signal and little noise from my corner of the entrepreneurial world. Let’s…

January 2022

Some personal news ...

December 2021

This is Moonshots with Lizelle van Vuuren, a newsletter about Entrepreneurship and the tenacity to never give up..